Ball python captured in Downtown Orlando

An unsuspecting lawn crew got quite the scare, when they came across a ball python while working in Downtown Orlando. The snake was located in front of a home in the Delaney Park neighborhood.

"Critter Man" Bob Cross was called out to trap the snake.

"This snake was coiled up right next to the house on the driveway," Cross explained. "The lady at the house was not home; she was at work. She asked them to dispose of it. They were too afraid to do that." 

Scared, and not knowing exactly what to do, the homeowner called Cross.

"Ball pythons are not native to Florida or the United states. They are the smallest of all the pythons," Cross said, adding that they are the most docile of snakes. "It’s really not a dangerous snake -- only to rodents, squirrels, maybe small birds and such. This one is almost full-grown,"

Cross said this particular snake looks healthy and well-fed. He believes it's someone's pet that got loose.

"There’s no telling how long this snake has been crawling around downtown Orlando," Cross said.

He is now hoping to reunite this reptile with its rightful owner.