Lone baby swan survives raccoon attack at Lake Eola

What happened to the baby swans at Lake Eola?

After concerns were raised over the weekend about a missing group of baby swans, which have become a fixture at the downtown Orlando park, the answer appears to be a tragic story of predator vs. prey – the family was attacked by raccoons.

Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan said a lone swan and its parents were able to be saved but, tragically, the other four baby swans were killed.

Commissioner Sheehan jumped into Lake Eola to get the swans to safety, she said.

"I knew if we didn’t get it out – if someone stole it – they would come back," she said. "And if it was a predator, they would come back too – I knew we had to get that baby out of the water."

Apparently, the city's surveillance camera recorded the attack.

"There was a bunch of raccoons, there was a scuffle, and they dragged the babies into the bushes," Sheehan told FOX 35 News. "Unfortunately, this is just a really tragic thing that happened.  It happens sometimes in nature. I’m just glad we were able to save the one."

While many are understandably heartbroken over the situation, Commissioner Sheehan said she was a bit relieved to know that it wasn't a person harming the swans.