'Aydan Wins' garage sale raises over $20K for child fighting cancer

What started as a community effort to help raise money for the family of 8-year-old Aydan Chapman, quickly grew into a Texas-sized show of support.

Aydan Chapman was diagnosed with brain cancer for the fourth time in his short life. Currently, Aydan is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

While Aydan fights daily to stay alive, his family fights just to stay ahead. The physical and financial burden of Aydan's treatments have taken a significant toll on his family.

That is why a group of Aydan's loved ones came together and organized a charity garage sale to help raise money for the family. The group set a lofty goal to raise $20,000, and thanks to the help from hundreds across Central Texas, the group did just that.

"The money is going directly to his family, to his parents and to help Aydan win," Holly Noel, a volunteer at the garage sale, said.

Donations are still being accepted. If you would like to donate you may go to aydanwins.com.