Attorney: Roller coaster riders will have lifelong injuries

Morgan and Morgan is representing three victims from a roller coaster incident at the Daytona Beach boardwalk, saying that they suffered broken bones, concussions, and other injuries that will ast a lifetime. 

At a press conference on Monday morning, Matt Morgan described how one of his clients, Amanda Bostic, fell 34-feet (which is the equivalent of three and half basketball goals) from the Sandblaster Roller Coaster in Daytona Beach last week. She said that "she bounced like a ping pong ball, in between the railings, of the roller coaster."

He went on to say that "our clients came to Daytona Beach with healthy bodies, looking forward to their summer vacation, and they will leave Daytona Beach with broken bones and walkers."

The Morgan and Morgan Law Firm is representing three victims for last week's roller coaster accident, who were visiting from Kentucky. He says the other two victims were hanging from the ride for close to 45 minutes before they were rescued.

Matt Morgan says that the injuries on one particular client the remains in the hospital are severe, as she likely has over 10 broken bones in her body. 

The law firm also introduced a team of experts, Bill and Brian Avery, who have been tasked with combing through the ride's maintenance history and records.

Florida officials say that the coaster passed a state inspection just hours before it derailed on Thursday.

Morgan says that while they have not yet filed a lawsuit, they likely will file one dependent upon the insurance policy for the company tha towns the ride in Volusia County.

Watch the full press conference that Matt Morgan gave below.