Attorney John Morgan urges Governor Scott to drop medical marijuana appeal

Powerhouse attorney and medical marijuana proponent John Morgan took to Twitter Friday morning to take Florida Governor Rick Scott to task. 

 “I agree with a lot of things you’ve done, but this, Rick, is about compassion,” Morgan said in a video pinned to a top of his Twitter feed.



In the tweets, Morgan continues to tell Scott it’s good for patients and good politics to drop the state’s case on smoking medical marijuana.

Scott responded for the first time Friday morning on Good Day Orlando.  

“This is not about politics.  This is about following the law,” he said.

A judge ruled last week that Florida’s ban on smokeable medical marijuana is unconstitutional.  

Within minutes, the state appealed the decision.

Morgan has been admonishing Scott ever since.

“We have to follow what the law is.  We follow Amendment 2.  We follow the law.  We follow what the legislature overwhelmingly, and in a bipartisan manner, passed. That’s the job of the executive branch and that’s what we’re going to do,” Scott said.  

In November 2016, Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment allowing the use of medical marijuana.  

After that, it was up to the legislature to pass laws to enact the amendment.

Scott signed in the law bills that say patients can vape use cannabis and use it through food, oils, sprays, tinctures. 

The laws ban products used to smoke marijuana.  

Morgan claims, “The most direct way to get the most immediate relief for many, many people, including our veterans, is smoke.”

In the tweets posted Friday morning, Morgan shames the governor for denying relief for terminally ill patients and veterans and first responder.

He also praises U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D)-Florida, Scott’s opponent in the race for U.S. Senate, for backing smokeable medical marijuana.  

“I want to make sure people get the health care they need, but we’re going to follow the law,” Scott said.