Attorney Ben Crump demands justice in death of 2 teens by deputy

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump spoke in Cocoa on Saturday, demanding justice in the death of two teens killed by a deputy after they refused to comply during a traffic stop.

18-year-old Sincere Pierce and 16-year-old Angelo Crooms were shot and killed when a deputy fired into a car as it drove toward them. Dashcam video was released of the incident earlier this week.

Crooms was behind the wheel when Deputy Jafet Santiago Miranda told him to stop. The deputy told investigators that the driver was being stopped in connection to a report of a stolen car case. Crooms did not comply. 

Two weapons were reportedly also found in the car.

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Attorneys representing the families of both teens claim that the deputy is at fault for opening fire on the vehicle.

"As you can imagine, when you are shooting into a vehicle and disabling the driver of a vehicle then that vehicle becomes a dangerous vehicle for everyone around," a woman said during Saturday's news conference.

Crump added that "you cannot shoot into a moving vehicle. That is the national standard. It's the standard in Orange County, it's the standard in Volusia County, but it's not the standard in Brevard County."

On Saturday, Angelo Crooms was laid to rest. His family continues to ask for a personal explanation from the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

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"They said the police did it. When they said the police, I knew then that they are trained to shoot. They know exactly how to shoot," the victim's mother said. "To know that nobody could give me an explanation about why my son was dead, it just leaves me heartbroken."

FOX 35 has reached out to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office for comment but they have not responded to our request.

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