Atlanta Police Department sees critical shortage of officers

There is a critical shortage of police officers in Atlanta. That is what police personnel records show, as the city is down approximately 400 officers available immediately to hit the street.

After the turmoil in the summer, and City Hall's reaction to that, cops began circulating their resumes for jobs with other departments.

Cobb County, for example, handled 20 applications. Just one was hired by that police department and another candidate is still in process.

What happened to the other 18? Did they wash out or back out?

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Jason Segura, president of the police union, said it's likely that at least some of those candidates had multiple applications in and secured jobs outside of Cobb.

Whatever the case, Michael Bond, an Atlanta councilman, wants to close the exit door and encourage those who recently left to consider returning.

"We have to have a conversation," Bond said. "And show our police who are trying to do their best, that we support them."

Segura said his members are watching the political leadership. He said they want to be sure they can be proactive in policing and see the policies of the department be backed by the elected officials.

The union leader said he has had conversations with the council president and the mayor. Segura is open to having more.

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