As summer approaches, pool owners face chlorine shortage

Throughout the pandemic, there have been many different shortages, but now chlorine can be added to that list. 

Experts said the shortage is not a surprise. During the pandemic, there has been a huge increase in people installing pools in their backyards. 

On top of high demand, a major fire at a chemical plant in Louisiana happened last August, which destroyed about 80% of the nation’s supply of chlorine.

With the days heating up, experts fear the shortage will get worse. Many retailers are importing chlorine from foreign vendors just to keep up with the demand. Many stores have also begun to limit how much chlorine shoppers can buy at a time. 

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With less supply and higher demand, prices have skyrocketed. While the prices can vary, experts say they’ve seen that cost increase anywhere from $50 to nearly double the original price tag of a bucket of chlorine. 

Pool experts said a bucket of chlorine could cost about $200 more than it did this time last year.

There are other options to keep the pool clean, and experts recommend that pool owner take advantage of their options. One solution would be to purchase a phosphate remover. These have always been an option but a pricier one.

However, with chlorine prices up, experts believe this could be a more viable option for consumers as less chlorine will need to be used.