Arizona family thanks stranger for stepping up after son's money was stolen

A family went to a Target store in Gilbert to buy a toy that their son had been saving up for. Unfortunately, the money was stolen from the young boy, but it was the kindness from a complete stranger that helped the family. 

Seven-year-old Hudson and his mother Julia Vanderloo went to Target for the toy he had been saving up for from past birthdays and Christmases.

As Hudson was looking for his new toy, he put the money down on the shelf, five and ten dollar bills tied together by a hair tie.

"He put the money down as he was picking up a toy and I was not paying 100% attention and I did not see this, but after a few moments, he went to pick up his money and the money was gone and only the hair tie and the scrunchy that the money was wrapped up in remained," Vanderloo said.

The family went to security with hopes to run the surveillance footage back to see if they can see who took the money when an unknown man walked up to the family and asked them what happened.

What he did next was unexpected.

"I was pretty upset, I was crying a little bit and he was just so kind and pulled out his wallet and said, 'This is what I have with me' and handed me $80. I said, 'No, no, no, no, thank you. We do not need this,'" Vanderloo said.

Despite her saying no, the man wouldn't take no for an answer, setting the money down on the counter and walking out with his son.

Now, she wants to say thank you to the unknown man who was so kind to her and her son.

"I just want to make sure that he knows how grateful we are," Vanderloo said.

The family says that they hope that the person who did take the money needed it more than they did.

As for the $80, they will be donating that to the Phoenix Children's Hospital and doubling that number to $160.

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