Apple reportedly switching iPhone charging cord

Apple will be switching to a USB-C port, according to reports. The change means those lightning charger cables you've placed all over for convenience could be obsolete.

"Oh, they're definitely making money. The cables and the accessories are probably the most profitable," tech expert Anthony Mongeluzo said.

Mongeluzo reminds us we've been here before kicking and screaming through all the previous technology changes to our beloved phones. He predicts we're gonna love the advancements like how fast it'll recharge.

"In terms of speed, it's double USB 3.0 and that's really good," he explained.

Mongeluzo also says it will work more multiple devices.

"This USB is going to work with Microsoft, Android devices, so now if you have three different devices instead of buying three different plugs, you only have to buy one," he said. "Change is inevitable and unfortunately the market is driving it."

Mongeluzo says you can get an adapter for the soon-to-be out of date charger, but it will not charge as quickly.

No word yet on when the change may happen.