Apopka steakhouse receives honors, listed in Top 100 Neighborhood Gems in America

A small but growing "back room" restaurant in West Orange County gets top honors.  

The online restaurant reservation service OpenTable says the Back Room Steakhouse, in Apopka, is one of the top local gems out of 19,000 restaurants nationwide.

It's not really in a back room.  It's in a small plaza on Rock Springs Road, and it is cozy but high-couture, when it comes to steaks.

"We only use aged-black Angus steak.  All of our steaks are aged a minimum of 28 days.  We put our steaks up against anybody," said oOwner Ed Conlan.

Conlan opened the steakhouse four years ago, his second foray into the restaurant business.  He also owns the Beef O' Brady's next door.

"Usually, like I said, on a Friday or Saturday night, can't get in without a reservation," Conlan said. 

And no doubt, the recent honor of being named one of the Top 100 Neighborhood Gems in America will broaden their reach.

Conlan said, "I saw the publication and was pretty excited, but a lot of it goes to my employees."

It's not just the food, he added, it's the personal service.  But if some regulars had to choose, they might pick the food.

"The food is fabulous!  Best steak I have ever had!  I lived in Texas for awhile...that should explain it all," said customer Sara McLaughlin.

By the way, Conlan is expanding the restaurant, doubling it's size.  So soon, maybe you can drop in on a week night without a reservation.