Apopka firefighter on road to recovery after severe injury

The family of the Apopka firefighter who was severely injured while on the job says their loved one is on a long road to recovery.

Austin Duran's family tells FOX 35 Orlando that while he's still in the ICU, he is in stable condition and things are looking up. His mother says Duran has had three surgeries which have all have gone well.

On Thursday, a 4,500lbs sand trailer fell and pinned him down, landing on his legs and abdomen, his fellow firefighters jumped into action to help.

"There was no time to react, it just dropped like a hammer. He had no time to get out of the way," said Alex Klepper with the Apopka Professional Firefighters Association.

Klepper said it's been a tough couple of days at the Apopka Fire Department as firefighters pray for one of their own.

"Over the last two days, it’s been an intense rollercoaster of emotions," said Klepper. "He’s just everyone’s little brother and I think that’s shown with the outpouring of support from our guys, and other people. He’s our little brother, and we have to take care of him."

Duran's family and fellow firefighters say the support and kind messages from the community have blown them away.  

"As firefighters always offer, when you need help we will be there and it’s so nice to see that when we need help they’ll be there too," said Klepper.

If you would like to help Duran on his long road to recovery, the family set up a donation page.