Animal rescue group in Central Florida needs more foster volunteers

The folks with Animal Advocates, a 501c.3 in Central Florida, are trying to find a forever home for a pup named Norma. 

Norma’s had a tough life. Laura Carpenter, the Animal Advocates Board Member who’s fostering Norma right now, says the dog had been living in a hoarding situation in Georgia, with 60 animals all confined to a double wide. 

"She’s very nice. She’s funny, she’s friendly, she’s a little bit goofy. You just have to give her time," said Carpenter. "She just didn’t really know how to live with people."

Go to to foster or adopt Norma

Animal Advocates is looking for someone to adopt Norma, but they also need more foster volunteers, like Grace Skogen. 

"It’s so important to foster because these dogs don’t really stand a chance. If there aren’t fosters, if there isn’t space, if there aren’t people that want to adopt, sadly the dogs are abandoned or sometimes euthanized," said Skogen. "If a shelter is at capacity – which all the local shelters are – they’ll surrender to Animal Advocates and other local foster-based rescues."

Fortunately, Animal Advocates makes it easy.

"With a foster-to-adopt, we provide everything. We provide the food, we provide a kennel for her if you needed it, leashes, we could also have a trainer come and work with whoever decided. It would be a few weeks that they could foster and see how it goes and work with the trainer. If she’s a fit, we could move forward with the adoption paperwork," said Carpenter. 

Go here if you're interested in fostering or adopting Norma, or if you'd like to volunteer with Animal Advocates.