Alleged attacks involving pit bulls under investigation in Seminole County

Two dogs accused of attacking two separate families and their pets in Seminole County may be returned to their owner despite one attack being captured on camera. The incident occurred on Friday.

Jeannett Vescovi, accompanied by her dog "Jenetto," said she was ambushed by the pit bulls while exiting her house. It all lasted less than 60 seconds. 

"I was terrified. I was yelling, screaming for my husband to come out," she said.


Subsequently, the dogs attacked a 70-year-old man and his dog down the street. Gaurav Patel said his father and their German Shepherd were injured in the attack.

Seminole County Animal Services expressed concern over the incident and assured steps would be taken to prevent a recurrence. A spokesperson said an investigation is underway and that initial reports and evidence suggest at least one dog may be declared dangerous. 

If designated as dangerous, the owners must create a secure location for the animals, walk them with muzzles, and maintain insurance.