Airlines canceling, changing flights over 5G rollout concerns

AT&T and Verizon have delayed Wednesday's rollout of the 5G service at some towers around certain airport runways. This comes after major airlines pressured cellular companies and the government to stop the new service. 

Airlines across the world are rushing to cancel or change flights into the U.S. because of the rollout of 5G.

The United Arab Emirates stopped flights including those coming right here to Orlando International Airport. The FAA announced it will ban 5G coverage around 50 airports, including Orlando International Airport, for six months.

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The nation's largest carriers are concerned the 5G frequency is dangerously close to the frequencies used by aircraft to measure altitude. 


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The airlines are asking for 5G buffer zones so the technology isn’t activated within two miles airports. An instructor at the Florida Institute of Technology says the interference could cause dangerous problems for planes at take-off and landing. 

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5G is basically faster data speeds to keep up with all the internet streaming we do on our phones now. Cell phone companies are rolling it out Wednesday – just not near airports.

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