East Orlando population boom prompts AdventHealth ER and parking expansion

Paramedics raced past AdventHealth East Orlando Hospital on their way to treat a patient. Orange County Commissioner Mayra Uribe said it was a sight that was getting more common as new homes and buildings went up in East Orlando.

"We see that it's super busy, and we see the issue growing, unfortunately, with drug overdoses and things like that," Uribe said.

AdventHealth has filed plans with the county to expand East Orlando Hospital's emergency room and replace the parking lot with a multi-level parking garage. It's a sign that AdventHealth is looking forward to more patients and visitors at East Orlando Hospital.

"I think it's fantastic for the community to have a source that will be much closer and those that are under-insured or uninsured to have the opportunity to see a physician and get the services they may need," Uribe said.


AdventHealth said East Orlando Hospital had the busiest emergency department in all of Orlando. They provide care for more than 12,000 inpatients and 119,000 emergency department patients each year. Though they couldn’t say yet how big the expanded ER facility would be, or how many parking spaces the new garage will have.

Terrence Hart, a commercial real estate expert with Franklin Street Commercial Real Estate, said the plans would help meet the increasing demand. "Orlando's one of the fastest growing markets in Florida, and that East Orlando market is expansive as far as being a ton of room for growth in Orange County out that direction and connectivity with the highways and expressways."

AdventHealth filed its application for expansion last Friday. They said the project was still in its early phases and they would release more information as things moved forward.