AAA: Thanksgiving gas prices in Florida to be the most expensive in 8 years

Thanksgiving gas prices in Florida are the highest they have been in eight years, AAA said.

AAA reported on Monday that the average price of gasoline in Florida jumped 10 cents, reaching $3.36 per gallon. That is said to be the highest daily average price since Sept. 2014.

"Florida drivers are going to find the most expensive Thanksgiving gas prices in 8 years (2013). The average fill-up will cost $50 for a 15-gallon tank. That's $13 more than what Thanksgiving drivers paid pre-pandemic (2019)," they said.

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AAA explained though that gas prices should decline through the holidays.

In the meantime, they said that drivers can save some money at the pump by:

  • Pay in cash: Some retailers reportedly charge a few cents per gallon more for those who pay with a credit card.
  • Shop around: Retailers with the most expensive gas prices are said to usually be located near airports, attractions, and interstate on and off ramps.
  • Keep your vehicle properly maintained: AAA said that poor vehicle maintenance can lead to car trouble and reduces fuel economy. Tire pressure, motor oil, and air filters also can affect your vehicle’s fuel consumption.
  • Consider carpooling, combing errands, or driving the most fuel-efficient vehicle
  • Remove excess weight: They said that the heavier your car, the harder your engine has to work.
  • Drive conservatively: Speeding and heavy acceleration is said to burn gasoline faster.
  • Enroll in savings programs: AAA members can reportedly save 5 cents per gallon if they enroll in the Fuel Rewards program and fill up at Shell. More information HERE.

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