'A symbol of the UK': Florida pub, customers honor Queen Elizabeth II in Orlando

A handful of candles, a pair of photos, and flowers make up the memorial at The Pub, a British pub in Orlando, to honor Queen Elizabeth II, who died Thursday at 96.

Shortly after news broke, the general manager of the Pub put up the memorial and said people have stopped by to order a pint in honor of Queen Elizabeth II. "Shocked. I thought she was going to live forever. She’s been in reign for almost 70 years to celebrate the Jubilee," said general manager Matthew Kaess.

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"Bit of shock,' said customer Neal Bond. 'We knew it was coming at some point because she’s old, getting frail but something popped up on the telly and, ‘Oh God it’s happened."

Bond's wife, Amanda, said the late Queen "stood for everything I know." 

"I don't know any difference coming up to be 50, so she's been here all my life. I don't know any different. She's just a symbol of the U.K. She's amazing," she said.


One hostess told FOX 35 that the mood inside the pub was a bit quieter than usual. Kaess said the memorial would be up for the next 10 days to align with the official morning period.