911 calls released after pizza worker shoots, kills attacker in scary mask

Police in Holly Hill, Florida have identified 53-year-old Jesse Coggins, of Greenville, North Carolina, as the attacker in a bizarre incident outside a Little Caesars last weekend.

According to a police report on Saturday night, an employee at the store was closing up shop when surveillance video showed a man in a demon-clown mask run up and hit the employee with a large piece of wood. 

Officers said the man also had a pair of scissors with which he attempted to stab the employee.  The employee, according to the report, eventually pulled out a concealed handgun and fired on the masked man.

In a 911 call placed after the attack, the employee can be heard frantically crying and pleading for help for the attacker; as he himself told the operator he was bleeding from the attack.

"Please help me,” the man said on the call. “I think he's dying! Please help!"

The man in the mask died at the hospital from the gunshots.  Holly Hill Police said Tuesday that they don’t expect any charges to come against the employee.