Florida woman attacked shopper inside Goodwill because her service dog was in the aisle, police say

A 77-year-old woman attacked a shopper inside a Florida Goodwill store because she was mad that the woman's service dog was in one of the aisles, according to the police report.

Jaqueline James, 77, was arrested and booked into jail on one count of aggravated battery.

According to the arrest report, James was shopping at a Goodwill store in Casseberry, Florida, when she became upset that another shopper's service dog was in one of the aisles. At some point, she confronted the woman about the service dog.

During the confrontation, a manager came over, and James slapped a shopping basket out of the woman's hand and grabbed her hair before pushing her against a wall, police said. 

James then pushed the woman to the floor, injuring her left hip, prompting a call to 911 for help. 

Credit: Casselberry Police Department

When interviewed by police, James said the woman swung her basket toward her face, leading to an altercation. However, surveillance video inside the store, according to the report, contradicted that statement.


The store video footage showed James swatting the woman's hand away, grabbing her while the woman unsuccessfully attempted to defend herself, police said.