5th annual Puerto Rican parade held in Orlando

Spectators lined Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando, Saturday morning, for the city’s annual Puerto Rican parade. 

"We're out here celebrating Puerto Rico," said spectator Jeffrey Boone, "celebrating Puerto Rican heritage."

Marchers and floats sailed down the street to the sound of Puerto Rican music. This was the Puerto Rican Parade's fifth anniversary in Orlando. This year's theme was 'First Responders and Essential Workers.'

Two Puerto Rican cities also sent marchers to take part in the parade - Cabo Rojo and Moca. 

"We come to this here today to express emotion and the other feelings for our family here in Orlando," said Lissette Soto, a marcher from Moca.

Spectators say the parade can help bridge the gaps between different groups of central Floridians. 

"It's part of diversity and getting to know different cultures," Boone said, "getting to know different people."