3 teachers under investigation in Orange County

Three teachers in Orange County were taken out of the classroom and are under investigation while placed on  "relief of duty" with pay.  The Orange County school district is taking a proactive approach, warning parents.

Apopka Memorial Middle School teacher, 45-year-old Alyson London, is facing charges after police accused her of sending more than 129,000 messages to a 14-year-old female student.

“It was a little disgusting,” said Heidi Weaver, a parent of a student who attends Apopka Middle School. Weaver added,  “It makes me nervous.”

In the police report obtained by FOX 35, the victim told police they started talking sometime last year. They mostly used the apps SnapChat and Kik to communicate, and some of the messages were sexual in nature, said the report.

FOX 35 went to London’s Apopka home seeking answers, but no one came to the door.  

“The teacher has been formally relieved of duty by the school district. Due to the investigation, I am not able to share details. Please be assured that safety of our children is and always will be our first priority," Apopka Memorial Middle School's Principal said in a recorded phone message.

Fifteen minutes away, at Ocoee High School, Orange County Public Schools confirmed two other teachers are under investigation.

“These employees have been put on relief of duty and are not in school. As always, Ocoee High School puts the safety of your children first," said Ocoee High School's Principal, in a recorded message sent to parents.

The Department of Children and Families confirmed to FOX 35 that the agency is also investigating two male teachers for an alleged inappropriate relationship with the same 17-year-old female student. Parents are on edge.

Wendy White, a parent of an Ocoee High School student, said, “Anger.  I think anger. It feels like my child’s not protected at school."

John Daly, a grandparent of a student at the school, said  “Obviously, I don’t like it. I think it needs to be dealt with quickly.”

In all three cases, the district told FOX 35 they are working with police.  All three teachers were out of the classroom Wednesday. How long the teachers are out of the classroom depends on the length of the investigation, according to a school district spokesperson.