3 Central Florida schools closed due to COVID-19 cases

Golfview Elementary School in Brevard County is extending its closure and students at Olympia High School in Orange County will go completely online starting Tuesday -- all because of coronavirus outbreaks. 

It's yet another blow for parents in Central Florida. 

Not one, not two, but now three schools in Central Florida are closed due to COVID-19 cases.

"That’s alarming, really scary, something to think about," said parent Alex Edward.

"I think it’s a crazy story for all of us. Of course, none of us expected this," said parent Princess Glenn. 

Golfview Elementary School in Brevard County, late Monday, announced it's extending its closure another week. Students and staff were supposed to return Tuesday. Now, that's pushed to next Monday. 

The district said in a news release that it hopes it will "allow additional time for those impacted by COVID-19 to make a full recovery and to prevent further spread of the virus.”

A classroom

More and more COVID closure news is not sitting well with parents whose children are doing in-person learning.

"I really worry someday maybe she can catch it," said parent Wilderme Delicir.

"I have my son doing face-to-face as well and I hope that doesn’t come out of his school. No cases so far and I hope to keep it that way," Edward said.

Harmony Middle School in Osceola County is also set to return next Monday after 12 teachers tested positive last month.

On Sunday, Olympia High School in Orange County announced its closure for two weeks with six positive cases and one pending.

Some parents are grateful they chose the virtual learning option. 

"I don't know exactly if it’s going to be contagious to them. Will they catch it? Will they not catch it? And I don’t want to be a parent to take that chance," Glenn said.

Olympia High School is set to return to face-to-face learning on Sept. 21. 

Each of the schools are now doing digital learning during their closures.