21-year-old pursuing second college degree found dead in burning car

After the body of a 21-year-old woman was pulled from a burning car Saturday, the family of Ashley Coates still can't believe it's true.

The family says they were notified by investigators that 21-year-old Coates and another person were found in a burning vehicle at Seneca and Lambert in Detroit.

"It definitely wasn't my daughter involved," said her father, Derrick Coates. "I just couldn't imagine. Initially I was angry. I'm still hurt. I think it was senseless."

The family says they don't know the person Coates was found next to in the car, but he has been identified as Rolando Douglas.

"It's just tragic that things like this continue to happen in the City of Detroit," Aleta O'Neal said.

As police continue their investigation, Coates' neighbors say they are heartbroken.

"I've asked God to give me closure, peace, give me forgiveness," Derrick said.

Coates' family says she had big dreams and was pursing a second degree when her life was cut short.

"She graduated from Full Sail University with a bachelors in film. She was studying for her masters in entertainment law," Derrick said.

Family and friends say Coates was very creative and had plans to make movies.

"She was studying film and I was going into illustrations and painting, and we figured hey, why not - we can make a movie," her friend Tristan Slade said.

Her family says they just wish they could speak to her one more time.

"Thank you for gracing our life," Derrick said. "You're definitely going to be missed. We love you and you'll never be forgotten."

Coates' family says it will be difficult to move forward without her. They are asking anyone with information about this incident to contact police immediately.