21 cars burglarized in Champion's Gate

Osceola County deputies are searching for thieves that broke into more than 20 cars in a Champion’s Gate neighborhood.

The break-ins happened early Sunday morning. Several cars were discovered with their windows shattered and missing electronics. Osceola deputies said 21 cars in total were burglarized inside the Gate apartment complex. 

Neidra Berry, a resident in the complex, said she and her husband’s car were smashed into. 

“In your daily plans, you’re not planning on calling your insurance company, you’re not thinking about renting a car,” she said. “It’s a horrible inconvenience.”

According to officials, similar rashes of car break-ins have occurred over the last few months in the area, and neighboring counties. 

“We’ve seen this type of incident before recently in the last few months, where these groups of people come in a car or two and burglarize as many vehicles as they can, in the fastest possible time,” said Major Jacob Ruiz with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office is now doing extra patrols in the area, and are working with Orange and Polk counties to learn whether similar break-ins are connected.