20-month-old fighting cancer honored by city, police department

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On Monday night, during the City of Tomball Council meeting, a 20-month-old boy was honored.

Creighton Elliott Heslop is a little boy who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 14-months. In his initial battle with the disease, treatment was unsuccessful. Medical staff located a returning tumor.

Little Creighton's outcome does not look favorable.

Bu this doesn't deter Creighton's fascination with police officers.

The red and blue lights raise his little heartbeat.

In tonight's City Council meeting, Creighton arrived in his official, custom-made Tomball Police Department uniform and was given a declaration by City of Tomball Mayor Gretchen Fagan.

Today, October 19th, is now the "Creighton Celebration of Life Day."

Creighton was then given a badge and an official police identification by Chief Billy Tidwell, swearing him in as an honorary member of the Tomball Police Department.

Rick Grassi, Captain of Patrol Operations Tomball Police Department, says it's a moment that just brought tears to his eyes.

"It's times like these where you remember why you took this oath of office," Grassi says. "It's also times like these where you wash your troubles away as you see this family celebrate the life of their son."