2 people fatally stabbed in Daytona Beach overnight, police say

Daytona Beach Police is currently investigating a double homicide that occurred overnight at the 700 block of North Wild Olive.

Officials say that both victims suffered multiple stab wounds and lacerations.

The Daytona Beach Police Chief says a suspect slashed the throats of a Daytona Beach couple while they were on their way home.

Daytona Beach Police officers found a couple with their throats slashed and stab wounds early Sunday morning, according to the Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young’s Twitter page.

The double homicide occurred Sunday after 1 a.m. Officers responded after someone called 911 saying they saw the two in the road and thought they were involved in a hit-and-run.

Police believe a local husband and wife were riding their bikes home from Main Street when the vicious attack occurred.

Residents in the area say they're terrified.

"My wife is not leaving the house by herself. I can tell you that right now. And obviously, it was a man and a woman, so it makes you think even the both of us. How safe is our neighborhood?" said Donald Sears who lives down the street.

At this time, police cannot confirm if this was a random or targeted attack.

Officers are still looking for the suspect and believe the person of interest is a man wearing white or light-colored pants and a backpack.

Daytona Beach Police asks anyone with information is encouraged to contact Detective Howell at 671-5257.