2 arrested outside Brevard school board building as mask policy extension is approved

The Brevard County School Board voted to extend its mask policy for another 30 days. Students will have an option to remove masks when social distancing is possible.

Both pro-mask and anti-mask parents were in attendance, setting the mood for discussion behind closed doors.  In the past, these meetings have been a source of passionate debate, with some going well past midnight.  

Tuesday night's meeting did not run as long as past meetings but it was just as heated. 

Earlier, two people were arrested outside the Brevard County School Board building ahead of the controversial meeting.

Video shows deputies taking a man, identified as Nicholas Carrington, into custody while he yelled at deputies.

Deputies also took a woman, Elaine Crisp, into custody. She is charged with interfering with school administration functions and trespassing school grounds with refusal to leave.

The controversy again was over face masks in the classroom. People showed up holding signs outside the meeting. Some were hoping the school board would extend the current mask policy. Others were pushing for the board to drop the mandate completely.

While the meetings have been heated in the past, people were surprised it resulted in arrests.

So far deputies have not said what charges if any, the man in the video is facing.


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