13-feet deep, 20-feet wide sinkhole threatens home

A home in Orange County was threatened by a sinkhole Sunday night, according to fire rescue officials.

The sinkhole was 13-feet deep and 20-feet wide as of Monday afternoon. It is located under the home's foundation. The home is located on Harrington Drive in the Pine Hills area.

James Holiday was sleeping inside the home when the sinkhole opened up. He told Fox 35 reporter Kelly Joyce that "it was like a tremble. I looked through the window and I thought I was dreaming and I saw this big hole."

Holiday's wife, their daughter, and her three kids were also in the home at the time. They quickly packed what they could ran out the front door. They are now being helped by the Red Cross and are staying in a hotel. 

They rented this home for three years so far and will now need to find a new permanent place to live. Since the home is private property, now the property owner must deal with the sinkhole.

Holiday went on to tell Joyce that "the good Lord will help us out. We will make it."

It could be weeks, even months, before someone can live in the house again.