10-year-old Florida girl fights off shark -- and tells her story in the best way ever

Warning to all sharks: don't mess with Jasmine Carney!

"I fought a shark and won," Carney told WPTV-TV.

The 10-year-old girl from Palm City was at a Hobe Sound Beach in Jupiter Island, Florida on Sunday with her grandmother when she was bitten by a shark. She says she kicked it and then got away. 

She's in the hospital recovering from the bite on her foot – and is in high spirits. 

While telling her story, Jasmine was very animated and talked about how she showed that shark who was the boss.


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"Something grabbed me, so I'm like ‘don’t you touch me,'" Jasmine said. "It looked pretty big and it was gray. It hurts, so I'm like kick it, run away." 

While her doctor says a piece of her foot is gone, she should be better in a month or two.