1 dead in shooting at Palm Bay condominium complex

A family is agony, six days before Christmas.  At a crime scene, a mother was heard crying out for her son who was found shot dead inside a car.

Palm Bay police detectives are trying to learn everything they can about who ruined the holidays with violence. The murder happened Tuesday on Club Gardens Drive, and within hours, loved ones were consoling each other in front of yellow crime tape alongside stunned neighbors.

Ann Sarito lives a few doors down and  says her husband looked at her startled.

“Did you just hear that?”  he asked her.

It was the sound of multiple shots. The couple later learned the result of those shots -- a man was killed as he sat in a car in the 1600 block of the Country Gardens Condominiums.

“I feel awful for those poor parents, the next of kin, it’s sad and it’s scary. I have been here 27 years,  almost 28 years, and we’ve never had trouble,” Sarito said.

At the time this story's publication, police had not released the identity of the victim.