Sheriff Judd: Drunk man starts deadly shootout at Polk County bar

A drunken argument at a Polk County bar ended in a gunfight, killing one person and injuring two more, according to Sheriff Grady Judd

It happened Sunday at Shady Cove Bar located on State Road 544, east of Haines City. The sheriff said surveillance video showed most of what happened. 

Judd said a group of bikers was in the bar when Joshua Bedio, who had already been drinking before coming to the bar, inserted himself into the group and an argument ensued.

The situation diffused and the group of bikers left the main bar and went outside to the tiki bar. 

A short time later, Judd said Bedio approached the group at the tiki bar. 

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"He's kina all up in their business," Judd described of Bedio talking to the group at the tiki bar. 

One of the bikers asked bar staff to ask Bedio to leave. As staff and others "encouraged" him to leave, escorting him toward his truck in the parking lot, Judd said Bedio turned and started running toward one of the people with whom Bedio exchanged words earlier.

Bedio pulled a gun and shot at the man, hitting him with a single bullet through the hand and the groin. 

Another man, a friend of the first shooting victim, came out with a gun and started shooting at Bedio. Judd said Bedio took cover behind his vehicle. He and the man with the gun engaged in a shootout and Bedio shot him in the chest. 

That man died from his injuries. 

Bedio fled the scene in his vehicle, to his home which Judd said was about 5 minutes away. On the way, Bedio was allegedly involved in a hit and run that did not cause any injuries. 

Deputies went to Bedio's house, which Judd said was in an upscale community, and found his vehicle with blood on the ground. It turned out Bedio was also shot and had to be rushed to the hospital. 

Charges against him are pending.

"If he'd have just minded his business and just left these folks alone, none of this would have happened," Judd said.