Is a tea detox good for you?

Detox teas are one of the latest popular diets making its way across the country. 

Many of the teas promote weight loss and several people are trying them.

“I use it in the mornings and before I go to sleep,” said Elimar Moran. 

She said she lost six pounds over six months by drinking detox tea. 

“You have to be constant, and if you want a miracle, [it] definitely won’t happen with a detox.”

Registered dietician Tara Collingwood says people love detox diets. 

“They think it’s going to just completely clean them out, and of course, they’re trying to lose weight in the process,” said Collingwood. 

But, she said people have to be careful of detox diets that promote eliminating, or cutting back on food.

“It’s just basically another starvation diet where you lose weight initially, but it’s not going to last,” she said. 

Collingwood said while there are antioxidants in tea, there is no nutritional value. 

She said cutting out food in favor of tea could also put you at risk for malnutrition.

Collingwood said your liver, kidneys and digestive tract naturally get rid of toxins in the body. 

She suggests cutting out alcohol, caffeine and sugar in order to detox properly. 

“Get on a nice, healthy diet that’s going to be whole grains and fruits and vegetables, and good lean proteins. Use that as your base and then maybe add back some of the fun stuff as you’re going along.”

Moran encourages people to do their research before starting a tea detox. 

“You have to still eat, definitely, but you have to eat healthy,” Moran said.

(Reporting from Lake Mary)