Sizzling weekend ahead; heavy rain potential remains across Central Florida

Well, it's Friday or should we say "FRY-DAY?"

Super hot temperatures will happen on Friday under a canopy of sizzling Central Florida sunshine.

Before clouds increase and rain chances follow close behind, the heat index or feels-like temperature makes a run into the 102-104-degree range.

The trend for Saturday and Sunday brings highs closer to the mid-90s, peaking Sunday at 95 degrees, with a heat index closer to 106.

The amount of moisture across Florida is exceptional right now. This factor will drive rain chances through the weekend. Daily shower and storm coverage will stand at 60 percent plus. 

West of I-95 for the interior areas, rain chances are a little lower along the coastal areas at 40 percent or so. Heavy downpours can be expected and, of course, lots of dangerous lightning.

Remember, when the thunder roars, it's time to head indoors.

The latest forcast modeling coming into the FOX 35 Weather Center shows storms brewing up mainly after 2 p.m. Local sea breezes will be in the driver's seat each afternoon sparking the increasing rain coverage.

This pattern is quite normal for Central Florida this time of year.

There could be a bit of a break in the heavy rainfall, perhaps late next week, but until then, get used to stormy afternoons.