Orlando hail: Cleanup begins after hail falls in Florida

A day after afternoon storms dropped chunks of ice in parts of Volusia County, people were out looking for any signs of damage. 

"It looked like it was hurricane force at some points," said Scott Tew, who lives in the townhomes behind Outriggers Tiki Bar.

During the storm, he recorded video of hail and trees blowing in the wind.

Tew, who grew up in Florida, said he had never seen a storm like that.

"It sounded like somebody outside your house may be throwing a baseball at your roof as hard as they could," he said.

He said others found holes in their boat canopies, but his boat was OK.

"It was absolutely the craziest most insane thing," said Outriggers General Manager Jim Rushing.

For others, their cars took the biggest hit. 

"This is a rental car for the one that’s getting fixed so now this one’s going to get fixed," said one man FOX 35 spoke to.

His Nissan rental was littered with dents, while others has windshield damaged in the storm. 

"I don’t even want to begin to think about it," said Clay Landsman, referring to the potential repair costs.

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