Saharan Dust to linger through evening before moving away on Friday

Gray skies will persist through the evening, accompanied by Saharan dust. This dust has helped to reduce the likelihood of showers and storms over the past two days, as expected.

The Saharan dust is set to move away from Florida by Friday, allowing for increased sunshine across the Peninsula. However, temperatures are forecast to rise, with highs reaching the lower 90s by the afternoon.

The heat index is expected to peak between 105 and 112 degrees in many areas, particularly on Sunday and near the I-75 corridor. Cities such as Ocala, The Villages, and Gainesville could see heat index values reaching 112 degrees or even higher. The National Weather Service is likely to issue heat alerts to address this extreme heat.

THIS WEEKEND: Unsettled weather continues this weekend with afternoon seabreeze showers and storms possible for both Saturday and Sunday. Winds will steadily shift to move in from the southwest, leading to an increase in temperatures and heat indices. Highs will top out in the mid 90s with heat indices in the low 100s.

TROPICS: The main culprit behind today's rain will be a disorganized area of low pressure that's off the east coast of Florida. Tropical development isn't likely with this system, with the NHC only giving it a 10% chance over the next 7 days. We'll continue to monitor this disturbance as it works its way up the East Coast.

A broad area of low pressure located a few hundred miles off the coast of the southeastern U.S. has a 10% chance of formation in the next week.