Long-range forecast models indicate potentially warm holiday season

There are many reasons why we love Florida: Beautiful sunrises, sunsets, beaches, and great, warm weather. 

However, when it comes to the holidays, many are willing to sell the warmth for a shot of chill – a seasonal feel that invokes great holiday memories for the masses.

Well, the latest long-range forecast models may not bode well for those hoping for a cold Christmas. Temperatures and precipitation trends for December hint at rather warm weather and lower rain chances in Central Florida, in addition to less snow potential for the northern United States.

In fact, a recent long-range forecast published by the Climate Prediction Center is suggesting warmer winter temperatures across much of the nation in January and February too.

This all points to many atmospheric influences at play, For example, something that happens on the other side of the world can have huge effects on our winter weather patterns.

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One of the most critical components to winter cooldowns is the jetstream, which is literally a speedy column of west-to-east moving air that spans the globe. 

Think of the jetstream as the "gatekeeper" of chilly air during this time of year. If the stream taps chilly air and forces the chill south, we get a cooldown. If the stream remains well to the north and is generally void of cold air, then we are at times, sweating and trapped in the confines of very warm air. 

The latter is similar to the current pattern across Florida right now, complete with highs in the mid-80s by the week's end. This is a prime example of the jetstream remaining to the north with not much influence this far south.

However, with that said, these are long-range forecast models, We cannot write off any temperature drops just yet as things can still change. It only takes one properly timed surge of Arctic air to push into the Southern United States to change our weather world.

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For now, the forecast calls for above-normal temperatures but again, it is certainly subject to change.

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