Jameis Winston: A kid at his own camp

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It was tough telling who got the most excited about being at the inaugural Jameis Winston's Football ProCamp. Winston certainly put on a show for the kids, spending three and half hours on the field for the first day of this two-day event and he couldn't help thinking about his days growing up on the football field.

"There's a lot of young Jamieses out there," the Bucs quarterback told FOX 13 Sports. "That's my main thing is to get to all of the kids, so everyone can be a young Jameis. But it's not about being a young Jameis, but to be who they are."

Winston looked like a big kid among of group of over 300 1st to 8th graders. The kids had no problem gravitating to Winston's genuine enthusiasm and passion to play this game. So who was the bigger kid out on the field?

"Probably me right now," laughed Winston.

There was no question who was having the most fun.

"I think him," said 12-year old camper Desmond Tineo.

"So far he's taught me how teamwork is the most important thing," said 11-yard old camper Zachary Stewart.  "You should always trust your teammates and don't give up."

It was not that long ago that Winston went through a camp similar to his. Having a younger brother, who is in elementary school, just re-enforces to importance for Jameis to give back to kids in the community.

"Ever since I had my little brother, I looked at the way my dad raised me and I always looked at it like, 'Man, I want to have a big brother,'" Winston said. "Any type of big brother influence I can put on any kid, any type of effect I can have.  Every one of those kids out there are like my little brothers. I'm just trying to have as much fun as possible and trying to engage with them."

Winston also helped to turn some of these kids into Buc believers while leaving a lasting impression on every young camper. His goal was for them to have fun and leave knowing they got better -- a rule he lives by.

"Just like I want them to keep getting better every day, I have to better myself as a man every single day," Winston added.