Daytona baseball stadium goes tobacco free, even for the players

Opening night at Jackie Robinson Ballpark brought all the standards Thursday with the peanuts, the Cracker Jacks, but one tradition was retired for good: tobacco at the park.

The Daytona Beach Tortugas officially went tobacco free including actual smoking, vaping, and smokeless tobacco like dip.

Not just in the stands either.

The players are no longer allowed to use chewing tobacco on the field either.

Team President Ryan Keur said the rule for players has been going into effect throughout the minor leagues for several years and it was time for the Tortugas to follow suit.

"History always thinks that tobacco and baseball are synonymous, but the times are changing for sure,” said Keur.

Recently Major League Baseball even began enforcing no tobacco policies on new players entering the league. 

Most at the stadium Thursday were in favor of the new change saying it’s time the old tradition comes to an end and the athletes of baseball keep the tobacco out of sight.