Central Florida high school weightlifter has eyes on international competition

Andres Giron just wrapped up another successful weightlifting season with Windermere High School, winning state a second straight year.

"I feel ecstatic every time I go out to the platform and lift," Andres Giron said.

Now he has his eyes set on international competition.

But there’s one big thing standing in his way.

"Unfortunately, I came here to the United States as a, seeking asylum," Giron said.

He can’t leave the country because of his citizenship status.

Andres and his family came to the U.S. from Venezuela in 2014, looking for political asylum.

That dream has since become a drawn-out nightmare.

"It’s very frustrating. I have no answer from anybody. When I call the immigration office, they said you’re waiting for an interview and the interview never comes," Andres’ mother, Sofia Delgado Giron said.

It’s been a long journey, but Andres isn’t losing hope.

"It’s definitely a factor that fuels me and makes me want it more than maybe another competitor," Andres Giron said.

Andres has been training at Rise Athletics in Winter Garden, for a little over two years.

His coach, Mark Roberts believes when the time comes, Andres will be more than ready to compete in the Pan-American Championships and hopefully one day the Olympics.

"He’s just coachable. He’s willing to listen, he’s willing to learn from other people. Not just myself, but other athletes as well," Roberts said.

Andres has proven to be the best at what he does in Florida. He can’t wait to show the world someday.