‘You couldn’t see a thing': Severe storms lift trees in DeLand

Strong storms moved through Volusia County Monday, hitting southwest DeLand hard.

“Looked out the window I couldn’t even see anything because it was raining so hard,” said Asia Gibson describing the intense weather.

“It sounded like it was in the house, it was so loud,” she said.

The City of DeLand caught footage of the system moving through on its security system.

“We were up on the third floor in city hall and within a matter of seconds it was white out conditions you couldn’t see a thing,” said spokesperson Chris Graham.

Graham said the city used its new Alert DeLand system, which was intended for hurricane season.

“But it turns out we had one tornado this year, and a potential one we just had today,” he said.

The National Weather Service will be out in the area Tuesday to determine if it was a tornado that moved through.

Monday, city crews spent the day cleaning up massive trees off Adelle Avenue. Gibson said it felt worse than hurricane season.

“Even through hurricanes, I’ve never seen anything like that,” she said.