Woman with no boarding pass, ID taken off Delta flight at Orlando International Airport

Delta Airlines and the Transportation Security Administration are investigating how a woman was able to board a flight out of Orlando with no identification or boarding pass.

Passengers aboard Flight 1516, from Orlando to Atlanta, were in for a long delay on Saturday when a security breach forced everyone off the plane.

"We were told the woman was not cooperating at all with the authorities, and she had no ID or boarding pass, but was allowed on the plane in the first place," said Casey Malone, who was a passenger aboard the plane.

After the woman was taken off the flight, Malone said the plane drove away from the terminal, then stopped on the tarmac for about an hour before heading back to the terminal where passengers got off the plane and collected their belongings.

"There was the Orlando police waiting for us," Malone said. "TSA was there, and they did a full inspection of the plane with multiple K-9 dogs."

The Transportation Security Administration said in a statement:

Orlando police said Delta workers asked the woman, who was sitting in someone else's seat, to show them her boarding pass, but she couldn't.

Officers then asked the woman for ID, but police say she told them that she didn't have any identification and that she threw her ticket away.

The Orlando Police Department said the FBI was notified about the incident and will be following up.

Delta Airlines said in a statement:

On Sunday night, a security expert spoke with The News Station about how something like this could happen.