Woman sues Legoland after her son has a bad skin reaction to face painting

A Florida mother is suing Legoland because she says that her little boy had a bad skin reaction to face-painting done there.

In the lawsuit, the mother says she visited the park back in May of 2016. Shortly after the visit, he complained that his face was itching and burning. She says she then noticed a rash on his skin.

The suit says they went to the doctor and the little boy was diagnosed with Eczema due to the fast-spreading rash. 

The mom is now blaming the face paint used at the park and is seeking $15,000 in negligence and emotional distress.

Legoland released this statement to Fox News, saying "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We take all matters relating to the well-being of our guests seriously. We have not been contacted regarding this legal matter and therefore cannot comment at this time."