Woman locked in Subway fridge overnight

A Subway employee who was locked in the store’s fridge for eight hours overnight used ketchup to write ‘help’ hoping her message would be seen by CCTV operators.

Karlee Daubeney hoped her desperate message would be seen but was not freed until 7:30am the next morning when a colleague returned to work. The store is now being ordered to pay fines over the incident, which occurred last December.

“It got to the stage I was so cold I didn’t have the energy to bang on the door and I only had leggings and a Subway top on. My muscles became so cold I found it really hard to walk for a few days, I had migraines and dry skin around my nose. When I went to hospital the next day I was told I was close to having hypothermia and I made myself as warm as I could when I got home.”

The 20-year-old Gloucester woman said she still suffers from anxiety over the incident, and becomes nervous if a door to a room shuts behind her.

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