Woman gifts Publix cashier $600 after he paid for her groceries

A Publix worker's kind gesture has gone viral -- and ends with an even bigger reward.

Ray Miyaras is a cashier at a Publix in South Florida and paid $90 for a woman's groceries after he realized she didn't have her wallet when she checked out.

"Only thing going through my mind is ‘I have to drive all the way home and then come back here to get the grocery,’  customer Sophia Vilbrun told WSVN. "And the next thing that I see, he just pulled his wallet, and he swiped his card. I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, are you sure?’ He’s like, ‘Yes, I’m OK.’"

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After he refused to let her pay him back, she decided to return the favor by setting up a GoFundMe page for the cashier. It raised more than $600 which she surprised him with on Wednesday.

"For him to just swipe his card for $90, not even knowing me or knowing if I was scamming him was, like, it was crazy."

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For Miyaras, he was just doing the right thing.

"My parents always taught me to do something nice for somebody else. Like, a nice gesture a day can make somebody happy. So I just decided to do that and look what happened!"

The cashier says he hopes he inspires others to pay it forward.

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