Woman disguises herself as bush to photograph sister's engagement

Nothing says happily ever after like your little sister dressed up as "a bush in the wilderness."

A bride-to-be in Wisconsin wanted her little sister to witness the moment she got engaged, so her good-natured sibling happily dressed up in a ghillie suit to secretly photograph the special occasion — and it came as a big surprise to her sis.

Rachel Merkel recently made it known to her boyfriend Andrew Philibeck that she wanted her little sister Therese to be present when he ultimately popped the question, BuzzFeed News reports.

Inspired, Andrew and Therese hatched a covert plan for Therese to dress up in a ghillie suit — a camouflage outfit designed to blend in with outdoor elements like forests, fields and snow — to discreetly capture the big moment.

"I even told Andrew, 'Is this going to ruin the vibe of the romance?'" Therese, 23, told the outlet.

Nevertheless, Andrew was confident that the unusual plan was the right idea.

ne month later, Andrew beautified a scenic, woodsy outlet with sunflowers, lanterns and other décor while staging the all-important moment. But little did Rachel know that her little sister was there, too — ready and waiting in her ghillie suit to capture the picture-perfect proposal.

Andrew claimed he had a hard time seeing her.

"She was so well hidden with the ghillie suit in the bushes that I couldn't find her, so I was nervous that she wasn't even there," the groom-to-be told BuzzFeed.

Moments after Rachel said "yes" to Andrew, Therese popped out and surprised her sister, excitedly shouting, "She said yes!"

"'What are you, a weird bush?'" Rachel said upon first seeing the suit, according to Therese. "It totally made the moment."

Last Monday, the prankster took to Twitter to share the funny tale, in a post that has since gone massively viral with over 179,000 likes and 22,000 shares.

"Sister got engaged this weekend and I dressed as a bush in the wilderness to watch/capture the moment. We are 1 [year] apart... why are our lives so different [?]" Therese wondered.

Despite the hype, the woman said she hopes to keep the focus on her special sister's big moment — and her road to saying "I do" with Andrew.

"I was really just there to cheer them on. It's all for them," Therese said. "I'm just so excited that I was a part of it."

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