Woman arrested, accused of carjacking senior citizen in Daytona Beach

It was a wild scene in Daytona when a woman attempted a carjacking. She didn’t even wait for the owner to get out. She just jumped on her lap.

“She jerked the door open, got into the car, in my lap.”

This 70-year-old woman remained calm and collected on the phone with 911 dispatchers after Daytona Beach Police say another woman tried to carjack her in this Save a Lot parking lot around noon. The victim just finished her shopping. According to a police report, the suspect jumped into the car onto the elderly woman’s lap.

“She slapped me. She pulled my hair. She broke my glasses.”

But the victim fought back, telling 911 dispatchers “they say that I injured her nose, that her nose was bleeding.”

According to the report, the suspect tried to drive off, hitting another car in the lot. But two good Samaritans jumped in to help. The suspect got out of the car and ran away right into one man’s backyard.

“I caught her deer caught in headlights,” said Jesse Coolidge.

Jesse Coolidge approached her right away.

“I said what the heck are you doing in my yard? And she said I'm not all there. And I said we'll let the cops decide that.”

He flagged down an officer who took her into custody, charging her with carjacking without a weapon. That woman has not yet been identified by police.

“Glad she's off the streets.”

The elderly woman was not hurt during the incident.