Winter Springs residents speak out after county approves large storage complex near their homes

A Winter Springs community is speaking out after Seminole County moved closer to approving a large storage facility near their homes.

An undeveloped piece of county land sits right in the middle of the City of Winter Springs.

It's also right next to the Tuscawilla Crossings neighborhood.

People who live there say they're fighting to stop the project.

"All the residents were furious that they would even consider something like that," said Ken Spalthoff. "It’s almost laughable."

"I was pretty flabbergasted it was even proposed," said Heath Patterson. 

Winter Springs Mayor Kevin McCann also opposes the plan, saying it doesn't fit with the surroundings.

But the county still approved the developer building a storage business there on Tuesday, saying it fits the industrial zoning of the land.

"We can’t say no to a project because neighbors don’t like a project," said Mary Moskowitz, Seminole County's Planning and Development Manager. "We have a set of rules in place. If you meet the rules, you can move forward to those next steps."

The county did put limits on the hours the business can stay open, and created conditions for what it can look like.

Residents say there are enough storage facilities in the area and another one is not the kind of development they want or need.

"Putting a storage unit, it’s an eyesore, but also how’s it benefiting our city?" asked Robin Rosado, whose home backs up to the land. 

"Why push this down our throats when the residents don’t want it," Spalthoff said.

The process still isn't over.

The developer will still need to submit final plans to the county for approval, and it could be at least six months before they get building permits.