Winter Park Community overtaken by smell of dead animals

Residents of the Hyde Park neighborhood in Seminole County are disturbed by a recent discovery just outside their community.

"That’s not something I’m used to," said a resident. "It’s not how I grew up."

Dead animals in black trash bags were dumped in the woods just a few feet from the sidewalk across the street from their community.  

The weekend discovery has created a terrible smell in the neighborhood and for anyone walking by on Howell Branch Road.

"I was afraid it was a dead dog or a cat because people do drop animals here, live animals here," said the resident who discovered the mess.

Inspection from Seminole County Animal Services quickly debunked that theory once they found feathers and a hoof.

"It was very clear it was a goat and some chicken," said Seminole County Manager of Emergency Operations Alan Harris.

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Animal Services tried to dispose of the bags but were unsuccessful in moving them due to their advanced decomposition. They also haven’t been able to contact the owner of the vacant lot to get permission to bury the remains, so instead, they have turned to controlling the smell.

"We open the bags and place an agent to help the decomposition process," Harris said.

Seminole County officials believe the carcasses could be from a religious ritual. They are trying to determine if the dumping was illegal.

They say while the dumping is disturbing, it’s not uncommon.

"We plan on getting security cameras and mounting them on the walls, so they better not do it again," said the resident.

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