Man shot, killed in Winter Garden neighborhood

Police are investigating a man's death early Saturday on Mildred Dixon Way in Winter Garden. 

They arrived to the area to find a man lying on the ground with gunshot wounds. FOX 35 talked with a neighbor who was home at the time, and says she heard the shots. 

"Like a loud firecracker," she said, "I mean just extremely loud. I was like oh my god, what is that?"

Police say they showed up at the house to find Jermaine Anthony Moultrie, bleeding on the ground. He died of his wounds at the hospital. Police believed the suspected shooter, Jerell Kwmane Lightbourne, may be holed-up at a house next door. They mobilized a SWAT team to get him out. "When I opened the door, the police and SWAT team told me to close the door, remain in the house and don't open the door," the neighbor said.

Here's where the story takes a twist: police say while SWAT was setting up, they pulled up behind two silver cars and one of them raced away from the scene. Officers chased the car north on State Road 429, where it crashed. They say the driver, Terry Lee Demps, denied having anything to do with the shooting, though police say they found two guns in the car.

Meanwhile, police issued an arrest warrant for the alleged shooter, Jerell Lightbourne. They say he later turned himself in to the Orange County Jail. Police say they're not searching for any other suspects, at this time.

Neighbors say it was frightening. "I was kind of scared," the neighbor said, "because I was hoping the person was not trying to get in somebody's house because this was so scary because they had the SWAT team out here, like oh my god!"